Altria Theater
Altria Theater
Peyton Millikan Fine Art

Altria Theater

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- 10 x 8" unframed prints arrive in 14 x 11" soft white matting and ready for you to frame. Optional gallery quality framing is available in 14 x 11" modern black wood.

- 14 x 11" unframed prints arrive frame ready in 20 x 16" soft white matting. Optional gallery quality framing is available in 20 x 16" modern black wood.

Fine art print created from an original ink and gouache watercolor by Peyton Millikan. Velvet fine art paper and archival pigmented inks are used to create a print of the highest quality for your art collection.

Giclee print of Altria Theater in Richmond, VA. Altria is located at the corner of Monroe Park and was originally built in 1927 for Shriners of the Acca Temple Shrine. The theater has been know as "The Mosque" and "Landmark Theater". After a $10 million renovation gift from the company, the theater was renamed Altria Theater.